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Prepare yourself for the biggest wave of nostalgia ever!
Introducing Retro Synth.

If you love the sound of the synthesizers from days gone by, you're gonna love this. If you don't remember what they sounded like, then we envy you.

1. You are younger than us!
2. You are about to get a brand new musical experience, you never knew existed.

Get ready to slide your fingers up and down this sexy App.
Impress your friends with your new found musical genius.

Blow them away with tabs, available FREE on the Internet. All of these tabs can be played on the Retro Synth.

Start a band with some friends and their Retro Synths!
The world has just become your oyster. As used by The Mentalists on their cover of MGMT Kids.

Use the New Multi-Tone function - Layer your sounds and create a monster!